Bluetooth Touchpad Instruction

Bluetooth Touchpad Instruction

Download Server:
To get started you need to download the server (PC software) from here.

What the server needs:
On Windows: installed Java.
On Linux: installed Java, BlueZ.

You can download the latest Java version from its official website.
BlueZ is available for installation from repository, otherwise you can download it from official site.
To ensure proper functioning on Linux on different hardware platforms the following package also needs to be installed:
— libbluetooth-dev for Ubuntu
— bluez-libs-devel for Fedora
— bluez-devel for openSUSE

1. Start the server:
— bluetooth-touchpad.jar
— or windows_start.bat — for Windows, — for Linux.
2. Run the application on the phone.
3. Connect to the server.

You can set autorun of the server.
Should you have any problems, questions or comments feel free to contact: